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About TheStreet, Inc.

TheStreet, Inc. provides timely unbiased news, powerful data and strong analysis to help the world make informed investment decisions and discover new business opportunities. Executives and their advisors, retail and institutional investors and leading academics turn to us for information and tools to navigate the financial markets, corporate governance and dealmaking. Our services are available 24/7, across every platform.

Business Units of TheStreet, Inc.

Since its inception in 1996, has distinguished itself as a trusted and reliable source for news, analysis and information of the financial markets, economy, sector trends, investment and financial planning. Our namesake website includes free content and houses subscription products that serve varying segments of the retail investing public.

Our subscription products combine expert commentary, state-of-the-art tools and interactive community features. The largest of them are the following:

RealMoney and RealMoney Pro are aimed at active market participants and self-directed investors looking for timely, action-oriented market commentary and analysis. RealMoney contributors include dozens of experienced financial analysts, traders, money managers and journalists, including James J. Cramer and Douglas Kass.

Action Alerts PLUS teaches investors how to manage money for long term growth with former hedge fund manager James J. Cramer. Members are privy to the day-to-day activity surrounding Mr. Cramer’s personal charitable portfolio including alerts notifying them when he is about to make a trade. Surrounding content includes explanations regarding what stocks are being bought or sold and, more importantly, why he is taking that position. Action Alerts Plus members have access to an interactive online forum as well as live monthly video conference calls where Mr. Cramer addresses their questions about the market, specific stocks in the portfolio and trade ideas. Action Alerts PLUS is aimed at investors looking for exclusive access to specific, action-oriented investment ideas.

The Deal

The Deal delivers actionable, intraday coverage on changes in corporate control, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate activism and restructuring. With an institutional license, users receive full access to proprietary commentary, analysis and data produced by our journalists and content feeds can be customized based on job function or deal focus. The Deal is a trusted information source for organizations seeking to enhance market knowledge, improve client intelligence and generate deal flow.


BoardEx is a leading relationship capital management service and an indispensable source of data and business intelligence for investment banks, consultancies, executive search firms, law firms and universities. Users have access to a powerful database of global executives and the influential organizations they lead. BoardEx’s proprietary software highlights relationships between and among these individuals and a user and his/her colleagues and contacts in order to leverage relationships and facilitate business and corporate development initiatives.


RateWatch is a top banking data and analytics service that provides competitive interest rate and product information to financial institutions across the United States. In addition to deposit, loan and fee data, RateWatchproduces product comparisons, financial strength reporting, geographic analysis and specialty surveys and reports.